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Ronaldo Academy, Ronaldo Phenomenon’s soccer academy.

Ronaldo Academy is a football academy for children and young people (5 - 17 years old) that was born from the goal of spreading the phenomenal style of play all over the world. Our mission is to spread the Phenomenal style of play and its methodology throughout the world, encouraging students to strive for their dreams and create opportunities for franchisees. Come and be part of this phenomenal partnership.

Phenomenal heads of Ronaldo Academy

The merger of Phenomenon on the field with the Phenomenon of franchising.

Ronaldo Phenomenon

One of the greatest soccer players of all time, a business entrepreneur in the fields of communication and soccer.

Carlos Wizard

Entrepreneur, president of Mundo Verde and founder of one of the largest English school franchising networks in the country.

Brand Equity

His career as an athlete, citizen and international businessman has made the Ronaldo brand known and recognized around the world. So being a Ronaldo Academy franchisee makes your business start with a superior brand of quality and trust.

Market Advantages

- A Ronaldo brand and all its attributes of success.
- Great expertise in designing franchise business models .
- Own methodology , modern and international.
- Pioneering in global development of a network of football academies.
- Investment in marketing to support the network of franchises.
- Innovative Technologies in the market.

Types of Franchises

By investing in a franchise Ronaldo Academy Filmography you will have
full support from our team of superstars .


1 Field


2 Fields


3 or more fields (Complete Infra-Structure)

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