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Be Phenomenal on the field and in life.

“Soccer has given me everything, and I want to give back to society through soccer.”

Ronaldo Academy, Ronaldo Phenomenon’s soccer academy.

Ronaldo Academy was conceived with the mission to spread throughout the world the phenomenal playing style that has made Ronaldo one of the most important players in the history of soccer. Here, through our methodology, we will stimulate young players to fight for their dreams. In addition to being Phenomena on the playing field, we want to cultivate Phenomena in life. Come be a Phenomenon with Ronaldo Academy.

  • Citizenship

    Gain an understanding of citizenship as a way to participate socially and politically, as well as to exercise rights and duties, adopting attitudes of solidarity and respect for fellow beings.

  • Positioning

    Position yourself in a critical, responsible and constructive manner in the most diverse of social situations, through dialog for the purpose of mediating conflicts and making collective decisions.

  • Confidence

    Develop confidence in your physical, cognitive, ethical, emotional, esthetic, interpersonal and social capacities.

  • Quality of Life

    Get to know and take care of your own body, appreciating and adopting healthy habits as one of the basic aspects of a quality lifestyle.

  • Ethics

    Practice personal ethics, in terms of knowing how you should fit in the world through your personal and collective attitudes and consequences.

  • Attitude

    Fully understand the game of soccer in its several phases, in order to more readily make the best decision at each moment.

  • Evolution

    Develop technical, tactical, physical and psycho-social aspects through the evolution of the game of soccer.

  • Adaptation

    Ability to adapt to different playing styles, in addition to different tactical, structural and functional organization.

Phenomenal DNA Methodology

The Ronaldo Academy methodology was conceived with the major objective of using the practice of soccer for the development, cultivation and education of children and youths.

In addition to building athletes, we seek to develop our students in various aspects of life.

Learn more about our methodology.



Capacity to transform dreams into long and
short-term objectives and goals.



Responsibility to make the right decisions at the right moments.



Always seek to willingly complete established tasks.

We want our students to develop:



Dedication to studies, above all. This is the foundation of a great champion.



Discipline in training and in studies in order to reach goals.



Keep focus on physical and mental preparation in order to reach dreams and goals.

With our methodology and DNA Phenomenal, an Academy of Ronaldo stimulates yout Students one fight for their dreams.

Player Categories

Categories have been divided according to the evolutionary stages of each age group.

Phenomenal 1.

Sub 5 e Sub 7.

Phenomenal 2.

Sub 9 e Sub 11.

Phenomenal 3.

Sub 13.

Phenomenal 4.

Sub 15 e Sub 17.

Closely monitoring your
little Phenomenon

The team of instructors and coaches at Ronaldo Academy believes that the family is fundamental for the development of the student. For this purpose, we have developed a smartphone application through which parents and guardians may monitor the entire routine of the training and evolution of their children. We combine soccer and technology to make the experience Phenomenal.

Phenomenal Social Transformation

We know that a great transformation can only be possible when accompanied by great attitudes. And so, all Ronaldo Academy units will make 20% of their openings available to under-privileged students.
For more information concerning how to participate in this social project, contact the unit nearest you.

Phenomenal Soccer Camp

Be phenomenal on the field
and in life

Fully immerse your young athlete in the game of soccer and develop technical, tactical, and social strengths with our fun and exclusively designed methodology. Experience hand-on training sessions with Brazilian former pros under the instruction of NCAA Soccer coaches and much more.

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